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Did the GOG version get the VR update?
harbinger2000: Did the GOG version get the VR update?
Got an Oculus and just tried this on GOG - no joy just now I'm afraid :(

Here's hoping the update is with GOG, and they are just testing it. I know GOG tend to be a bit later when releasing updates
Did they add vr to the gog version? , was about to buy as it's crazy cheap but buying for vr play
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Any feedback on this?
also interested if this has changed by now and the gog version supports VR.
This works in VR.

I contacted GOG support and they gave me the missing piece of the puzzle. Props to GOG's customer service.

Here're some screenshots of the settings needed to get it to work. Super simple!
ss_other.jpg (137 Kb)
I just wanted to add that there is also an off-line installer for the VR beta (for those who don't want to use Galaxy).