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5Lives has made it possible to mod this game. So I made some mods:

Now tactical pause is possible, but that is the mod 5Lives made as an example. I modified it so you can cgange how your agents look a bit, and do some cheats. So far it has mainly been to figure out what is possible to do with the modding system.

This is the compiled version of the Tactical Pause mod 5Lives made as an example mod:

I have made these mods:
A mod with different "cheats". Its mainly for debugging the other mods and testing stuff. You can even enter a car with selected agents when you press keypad 7 with the mouse cursor near a car.

A mod for changing the appearance and names of your agents:

And a mod to get your agents unstuck with F11 or minus, it has a cooldown of 10 min, but if it is on cooldown and it did not work, then pressing minus while its on cooldown will teleport all your agents to a selected humans location:

Go to your Satellite Rain installation folder, make a folder in it called "Mods", then download the mod file and put it into the Mods folder. Then the next time you start the game it will be enabled.

Tactial pause mod:
** Key: Pause ** action: Pauses game tactically. You can still give orders, and use arrow keys to scroll around.

Cheats mod:
** Key: Backspace ** action: Takes or loses control of any human or mech you have selected. Beware, you can even lose control of your agents, but you can select them again with the number keys.

** Key: Insert ** action: Gives any selected agent a skill boost and a plasma rifle. Also gets an extra weapon slot and more, so you can click it several times to get more slots, but when you get above max it will stop working. Can be solved by respawning your agent or agents.

** Key: N ** action: If your agent has a clone with modifiers, this key will increase those modifiers to a much higher value.

** Key: Page Up and Page Down ** action: The selected agent will switch to a weapon higher or lower than the current weapon.

** Key: Del ** action: Enables/disables cheat mode. All agents will be unable to die or lose energy, until you respawn your agents or click the key again.

** Key: keypad plus and minus ** action: Pauses increases or decreases the speed of the game. It seems to have a max, and it cannot go below zero, at zero it pauses. You can pause the game and unpause to get back to normal speed.

** Key: Keypad 7 ** action: Selected agents except the infiltrator, will enter the car closest to your mouse cursor so you can try how it is to drive a car.

Change looks mod:
** Key: M ** action: Changes the sex of any selected agent. Sex 0: both, sex 1: male, sex 2: female. It goes from 0 to 1 to 2. This also respawns the selected agents. I have made it so it will only switch between male and female though, since the "both" has bugs.

** Key: Keypad end and home ** action: home saves the randomseeds, names, sex and clothes of every agent, and end returns the agents to those seeds and respawns all agents.

** Key: Keypad 0 ** action: Show some information about the selected agent or civilian / guard.

** Key: Keypad 8 ** action: Selected agents gets a random sex, seed, name and is respawned with it.

** Key: Keypad 9 ** action: New random names for all selected agents that matches their sex.

** Key: Keypad 1-3 ** action: Saves the seed / body / name of the selected agent or civilian.

** Key: Keypad 4-6 ** action: Applies settings saved by keypad 1-3 respectively on selected agents, so they get the name, seed and sex of whoever you saved.

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