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I don't mean stuttering or anything, but, for example, moving the character feels like like "Oh, you want me to move now? Ok, here I go... and I'm off..."

I'm kinda hoping it's slow just for the sake of the tutorial, but if the whole thing is like that, is it just a case of getting used to it? I'm so used to RTS and squad-type games in which things happen pronto, and if you need stealth then *that's* when you go slow. So far I feel like I'm playing in molasses.

edit: Well, I just got to Downtown. I guess I'll just have to get used to it.
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I'm sure it's just slow to give you time to react to the movements of the enemies if they do something unexpected. I didn't feel that it was particularly slow though, but I have very little RTS experience, and don't consider Satellite Reign to be an RTS.