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Hi all,

We've put up a new installer for SRPG: Black Edition that will update your game to version 2.2.2. PLease download the new installer at your earliest convenience in order to get the latest and greatest version of the game :)



* Increased Butcher damage to bleeding players to 60% (up from 50%)
* Butcher now deals 60% of MAX HP when Boss Bar is filled to BLEEDING
* Decreased Butcher damage to non-bleeding players to 15% (down from 25%)
* Butcher now deals 15% of MAX HP when Boss Bar is filled to non-BLEEDING

* Fixed Butcher special attack not displaying numbers
* Fixed Butcher bug which reversed damage values


* Beer purchasing has been refined
* Raised beer per-transaction cap to 20
* Arena now has more musical variety
* Modified The Reaper's art
* Modified The Reaper's dialogue
* Krogg race now takes 15% damage on reposition (down from 20%)
* Modified Tavern Z and X display to be more visible

* Cleaned up directory files
* Fixed repositioning while ensnared bug

Thanks and have a nice day :)