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high rated
Samorost 1 is available to play (free/gratis)

Forum posts about playing the game offline.

How to play Samorost 1 offline?
A downloadable compilation of all Amanita games?

Summary of those posts

- download game files.
- play game in a web browser or with Flash Player Projector.

- launch game in browser with file "Samorost 1.html".

- download Flash Player Projector
- a few ways to launch game:
-- launch Projector, open game file "main.swf"
-- with Projector file "flashplayer" and game files in same directory/folder, run this command in a terminal: "./flashplayer main.swf"
Post edited March 29, 2016 by solar_dome
Ooh nice.
Just bought Samorost 2 & was going to have to stay online to play the first one, now I don`t have to \o/
Thanks. Got Samorost 3 at discount, bought Samorost 2 as well while I was at it, hit brick wall trying to find a legit-ish download for Samorost 1 (and I was _really_ not looking forward to having to sniff one by one everything the online version would attempt to download). So, again, thanks...