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is this the original 1993 version that came on CD rom and runs on DOS? or is windows 10 required to play this particular version?


never mind. I couldn't wait so I bought the game. It is NOT the origiinal 1993 DOS version. It has been hacked to death with something called scummvm and will not run under DOS. I have requested a refund.
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If you wanted a version to run it in DOS, then yeah, you don't get the executable so no luck. I'm in the camp of those that say GOG should provide as close as original media as possible (disk images of floppies or CDs would be awesome) along side the "modern OS" versions. But they don't yet.

For future reference you might want to check ScummVM supported games. I believe all games from GOG that are in that list are being provided with the bare minimum needed files.

But it hasn't been "hacked to death"; games in ScummVM play and look the same way they used to (unless you explicitly configure them not to). Someone really particular might find the lack of copy protection questions or the compressed music to be the only things that changed; the first only in games that were officially released in that "cracked" state (like Lucas' CD compilation of Monkey Island, etc) and the second in GOG releases only (you can use uncompressed music from your own original media without issues).

In any case, ScummVM is the best way to play almost any of its supported games (especially LucasArts adventures) in modern OSs; and in some particular instances they play even better than in original hardware and OS.
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