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As you might have seen, "Fate of Atlantis" has finally been updated with the uncompressed MONSTER.SOU file (which contains the English voices and sound effects for the game). Having the uncompressed file allows the game to be played natively on a DOS computer (or via DOSBOX), which wasn't possible with the compressed file that was used before, which could only be run via ScummVM. Not to mention a slight improvement in audio quality.

Now, "Sam & Max Hit the Road" still contains a compressed MONSTER.SOU file (.SOG, to be exact), and I think the community can help remedy this. We will need the English, German, French and Italian MONSTER.SOU files (was there Spanish voice-over as well?).

I can contribute the German one. Anybody able to add the others as well?
I do not think there was a spanish voiceover. I remember this game having music, but no voices.
I have the French monster.sou somewhere. I'd like to see it made available on gog like the other versions because the French voices are really nice, but the compression is so de la merde.