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I know it SAYS it uses iMuse for music, but is the soundtrack actually script driven like other iMuse games are? X-Wing uses it the most dramatically, I think. Monkey Island 2 does some fairly impressive things with it too, like how Largo LaGrande's conversation music has a different ending depending on which part of the main song is playing when he leaves, or how the Woodtick theme bridges to shopkeepers' themes and back, or how the swamp theme gets jazzier as you paddle deeper into it. I didn't notice Sam & Max do anything fancy with iMuse; it just seems to be playing the correct MIDI file when you enter a new area. Am I wrong? Any concrete examples?
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Hmm, granted it's been a long time since I played the game, but I do recall some pretty cool stuff going on at the Mystery Vortex, no?