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I have contacted tech support about this problem, but they were unable to help. Tech support said they have fowarded the matter to a QA team, and they may attempt to contact the developer/publisher.

I am posting this to get responses from other who are having the same problem. If others are having the same problem, GOG may be able to get a response from the developer/publisher.

The game freezes after 5-60 mins of gameplay when accessing a menu(any menu; options, save, quest, power upgrades, stores). It is always when accesing a menu. It is NOT the first time I access a menu, and it is not always immediately after I access a menu. Sometimes it will freeze when trying to exit the menu. Sometimes I will be purchasing upgrades and the thrid,forth,fifth,etc.. purchase the menu will stop responding(key presses and mouse buttons won't do anything).


I load up a save where I have a lot points for upgrades. I buy several upgrades and play for a few minutes(~5min) and then after one or more menu accesses the game will freeze.

I have played for 30 to 60 mins without opening a menu(other than setting up my controls at game launch because it will not save my settings) looking for a location specified in a quest. Then after one or more menu accesses the game will freeze in a menu.

My computer is a windows 7 sp1 AMD FX6300 6core 3.5ghz 16 gig ram with an nvidia GTX 650 Ti Boost video card that meet or exceeds all minmum and recommend specs for the game.

I have tried all sorts of "technical" solutions: running as administrator, lowering video resolution, setting all video options to off/low, running widowed, "clean boot", and latest video drivers. None of which worked.

Thank you for reading and/or responding
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I am running into this problem too. The game will randomly lock up in the menus, but the audio and the animations keep going, so it's not really frozen but more like ignoring input. I can even hear the sound effects from mousing over menu entries.

Saints Row IV locked up on me in a menu once and upon trying to exit the game twice, but it wasn't anything like this. Gat Out of Hell is guaranteed to freeze every single time it's run.

Update: Changing LetterboxEyefinity to false in display.ini in the game directory seems to have solved this for me. I played for over an hour while accessing the menus numerous times without incident. Strange since I'm using an Nvidia GPU.

Update 2: While the game seems to be working for longer periods of time, I just had it "hang" after completing the first Torment Fraud mission. The reason I put scare quotes around hang is because all of the audio and animation was still going on (the dead guy walking and background scrollers) but no prompt to hit enter or click to continue appeared, so the game just got stuck.
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I'm having a similar problem. Twice now I've finished a mission and the game simply stops responding to any input from me on the "mission complete" screen so I can't proceed. Worse yet, if I alt+F4 out it seems to eat the auto-save, so each time this has happened I've had to restart the game. I'm out of the habit of saving manually, since Saints Row 2, 3 and 4 all had the autosave feature.

I was a couple of hours in this time. There are so many unskippable cutscenes early on I'm not sure if I can face doing it again any time soon. If anyone knows of a fix or workaround, please give a holler!

Using the steps below I have been able to play the game for 1.5 to 2 hours at a time. I have played new games at 1920x1080 and 1280x720 with "ultra" graphic settings for at least 1.5 hours before first freeze/hang(both hell blazing;Dane loyalty mission). I have also played at 1280x720 with "ultra" graphics for at least another 2 hours after the first freeze/hang. I quit after 2 hours because I wanted to test these setting with 1920x1080 "ultra" graphics.

Note that the game will still freeze/hang, but it is different(and less frequent) from the constant freezing/hanging in menus. Now the game will freeze/hang after completing an activity(for me, it has always been hell blazing). I would get the activity completed screen, but it would freeze/hang before I could get to the medal screen. The first time(from starting new game) the game froze/hung after about an hour and a half after purchasing 30-50 super power(yes 200-300 soul clusters<SIGH>) and character upgrades(before I could barely use menus(save/upgrades/stores/quests) 10 times before it would freeze/hang).

1) Install the game using gog galaxy. This fixes two things: auto save and saving settings.

2) Right click on the desktop icon for the game and choose properties from the pop-up menu. Goto the compatablility tab and check the box next to two things
a) Compatablility mode and set the drop down box to windows XP sp3
b) Run this program as Administrator
after checking those boxes and setting mode to xp sp3 click OK

3) Set your deskop resolution to the same resolution that you will run the game as. If you are going to run the game at 1280x720 make sure your desktop resolution is also 1280x720.

4) In the display settings, choose borderless window instead of full screen.

I have attached a screen shot showing these settings.

Note I usually skip the cut scenes. If you press the escape key and it immediately pops up the "pause"(options) menu the scene is unskippable. Otherwise keep pressing the escape key(four to five times) and in the lower left corner it should show "press (ESC) to confirm skip" and press the escape key again to skip it. All of the "story book" scenes are skippable. The "musical" scene is too, but it is four or five parts and you have to skip them all.

Please post if this helps/worked for you. Thanks.

settings.jpg (340 Kb)