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Whenever I open the character gallery, both on a new game and on a current one, to download or upload one of my characters, the game display the message about the "My steelport" things and then just stop working after I hit "Continue". The music and animation still working, the game is "running", but is like all the input is off and the character gallery don't open either. Even the Galaxy overlay doesn't works.

Is just me or is a current bug on the GOG build?
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It seems GoG broke a few things porting this over from Steam and making it DRM free. Running SR4 without Galaxy gives an error message on this option saying it requires Galaxy. Running it with Galaxy causes the game to hang.

Currently doesn't work. Might want to send a ticket to support about it. Don't know if it's officially supported or not.
Until GOG manage to fix it, you can migrate characters manually with a little fiddling. Instructions can be found here: https://www.gog.com/forum/saints_row_series/this_is_how_you_copy_your_gog_sr3_character_to_steam_sr4/post1

Don't mind that the URL says "Steam SR4", there are instructions for the GOG version too.
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I've send a ticket now. Let's wait a fix for this issue =/

Would be good if voliton updates The Third to have this integration with Galaxy to play online/achievements/Character Gallery too...
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Yeah, it hangs for me when I try to use Character Gallery too. Figured out it is a GOG version issues.
Yes, it's bug, the option should not even be in the game, since they cut every online functionality out of the game.

In SR3 the buttons are missing (working as intended, bah!), SR4 crashes when accessing them.