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I'm using one copy to play over two different computers on our LAN. I can see the hosted game from the other system, but when I try to connect to the game, it loads for a minute then sends me back to the main menu, saying "Session no longer available."

I've tried:

-Allowing exceptions in Windows Firewall and in Webroot
-Setting up port forwarding (probably not very well, since I really have no idea what I'm doing)
-Changing the usernames in our gog.ini file, since I thought maybe the default username might have caused issues
-Changing the co-op game from "friends only" to "open to all"
-Restarted both systems

The *exact* same copy is on both systems, since I copied and pasted the first computer's directory onto the second.

Does anyone have any ideas at all? ^.^
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Has a solution been found for GOG SR3 co-op issues, yet? :/