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I am having a problem with Saints Row: the Third.

When I am playing the game, at some point the music cuts out,
I cant continue the mission I am on,
and attempting to accesses the phone, go to the pause menu,
or enter/exit a customization menu, makes the game freeze.

Sometimes its 5 minutes, sometimes its an hour,
but it always happens.

I have tried:
reinstalling the game.
verifying the game files.
Playing in DX9 mode.
disabling VSync.
Setting the compatibility mode of the game to Windows XP.
Running the game directly instead of using the generated shortcut.
using "Run as Administrator" to install and to start the game.
Adding the game to my anti-virus software's exception list.
Reinstalling the June 2010 DirectX runtime package.
Reinstalling the Visual C++ 2013 SP1 Redistributable Packages.
Reinstalling the Microsoft .NET Framework.
Seting my refresh rate to 60Hz.

...and none of it worked.

If it helps, hear are my specs:

Windows 7 SP1
AMD 7870 GHz edition GPU
8GB of ram
ASRock Fatal1ty 970 Performance motherboard
SSD (OS lives here)
7200rpm HHD (Game lives hear)

GOG support doesn't have the answer,
nor dose pcgamingwiki.
If someone can help me, that would be much appreciated.
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Unfortunately I cannot offer a solution.

However, I can second this problem. The same thing happens to me ALL the time.

It renders the game basically unplayable.
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