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I have a recurrent problem. While i play, the game crash and go to windows. This problem random appear, may be only two minits for I started to play or fifteen.

I tried all: restard computer, verify game integration game, change configuration, compatibility with windows XP.... Nothing...

Someone know somethig and can help me?

Sorry for my inglish.

Thanks in advance.
I am using the Gentlemen of the Steelport mod, and it works fine for me. Don't know if the mod helps in any way though. Note that the author of the mod, who is now an employee in Volition doesn't suggest the use of this modpack as he is not actively updating the mod for a long time.

EDIT: Providing your system details might help others to understand the problem.
And also is there any error messeges?
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Thanks for your fast answered.

I will try that mod.

Respect my system details:

-AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Quad-core.
-Radeom RX480
-Windows 7 x64
-8Gb Ram ddr4

And I had not error messeges, simply the game jump to windows in spite of the game proces still active. So I have to finish the game proces because I cant relaunch the game.

P.D.: That crahs more times with dx11 and dx10 tham dx9.
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