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Sains Row iV exe has been renamed, causing issues with tools/mods expecting same name as Steam uses.

Steam calls the exe

GOG uses
Saints Row IV.exe

Most mods and/or tools designed for the Steam version, should work with the GOG release, without any problems.
Somebody decided the GOG exe should be different, and added these spaces to the name.

I've already found one tool that has issues with this renaming, and changing the name to match the original release, fixes that problem, game runs the same, whatever it's named.

Any tool that relies on a name check of the original name, will have the same issue.
Uses having such problems, can simply rename the exe, to fix this themselves.

The correct solution is for GOG, or Deep Silver Volition to rename the exe for all users.
It was a mistake to change it at all, and needs fixing.