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Is there anything I can do to fix this? :(

I was kind of hoping the GOG release would have been stable enough... I know its just a few dollars but that was a let down.

I'm running it on a laptop, its fairly okay, Nvidia GTX 660m, it runs most games fairly okay, I figure something as old of this would have been no problem.

Edit: forums are broken? I see "5 Replies" counter but not appearing?
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Unfortunately this seems to be common issue. I have this problem as well. It's just a piss poor port. Saint's Row the Third runs far better on my computer than the 2nd game. You can always contact support to see if they can help you. If not you can get a refund.
By low frame rate, how low do you mean?

The GOG version uses an Nvidia Inspector program to cap the frame rate to 30fps. This is intentional to try to prevent the speed of the game fluctuating and to prevent the cutscene bugs. It might also have an impact on vehicle handling and physics. You can uncap it by using the Nvidia Inspector program provided and removing the frame rate limit setting. There are threads about this in these forums.

If your frame rate is lower than 30fps, though, then that might be some other issue.
I'm trying to post on another thread but my post doesn't seem to be really posting.

I think I got the game to run smoothly at 1920x1200 (still need to see the amount of FPS, but, anyway, it's completely playable).

Major points:

*Do you use Win7 or less? Good luck using third software, the "speed pace" stuff doesn't appear to be happening on Win 8.1 64bit.

*GOG did a PRETTY BAD move trying to fix the speed pace problem. Instead of uploading a hotfix for those with problems, they included it on the installation itself. The result?, users who could play at more than 30fps got limited without a reason. I understand all this Galaxy stuff "easy for all" thinking, but C'MON! You don't need to be a mastermind to look if there's a fix from GOG for computers having problems running the game.

*It seems like Dynamic Lighting is the head of the problem for me. If you turn it off it runs just fine. After installing "The gentlemen of the row" and SweetFX 2.0 I got it running pretty well with DL on it's highest setting. It looks better than the vanilla game, I would say.

I'll report back after some more playing.

Does anyone know a portable application to watch my FPS Rate?

PS: I ask myself if AMD Radeon users are going trough the same problem...
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MrBoat: Does anyone know a portable application to watch my FPS Rate?
There is always FRAPS, Bandicam or DXTory. They always show your current FPS. Then there is also Steam Overlay, which you can turn on "Show FPS Rate"

EDIT: That is, if you added the game to the Steam as a Non-Steam game.
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So... reporting back. The game stays at 35-40 with some drops at 27-30.