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These are the four things I did to make Saints Row 2 run the way it should on modern systems.

Game running at wrong speed:


1. download this:

2. Backup patch.vpp_pc in the Saints Row 2 folder (I named it 1patch.vpp_pc)

3. use 7-zip to extract the Stopwatch test (link if you don't have it already):

4. Run copy_test_save.bat and make sure it copied 1 file. This is moving the save file you extracted to the folder that Saints Row 2 loads saves from.

5. Start Saints Row 2

6. Load the Anointed Defender save.

7. Get a stop watch ready.

8. Run into the race you're standing right next to. When you hear "GO" start the stop watch and hold W until you reach the first checkpoint where you will stop the stopwatch. Record the time in seconds. If the game is running fine, it should be 1:42-1:43 or 102-103 seconds.

9. Do math: your time divided by 102.5 = value. For example, if you measured 81 seconds you would do 81/102.5 = 0.79 and you will need that number soon.

10. Delete patch.vpp_pc and rename the back up back to patch.vpp_pc. The game should effectively be the same as it was before starting step #1. You can delete the Anointed Defender save too if you want but not necessary.

11. Download Idol Ninja's Power Tools:

12. Extract the contacts of the ZIP to your Saints Row 2 folder.

13. Run as administrator install.cmd

14. Edit Powertools.ini with NotePad or similar text editor. Find "percentage = 1.0" and change 1.0 to the value you discovered in step 9 above (example: 0.79). Save and close once you're done.

The game should now run at the speed it was meant to under Windows XP. If you really want to, you can repeat the speed test above to verify but, because math, this isn't really necessary.

Fix some game crashes:


1. Download Gentleman of the Row:

2. Extract it with 7-Zip:

3. Run Create_Custom_Gotr_v1.9.bat

4. Make your selection here in terms of how many mods you want. I personally did just the patch.

5. Once it is done making the custom patch, you'll find patch.vpp_pc, preload.tbl, and preload_anim.tbl in the MY_CUSTOM_PATCH folder. Move these files to the Saints Row 2 folder to install the patch. You will have to overwrite the original files. You may want to back them up first but that is not necessary.

This should fix some of the story crashes.

Improve sound quality:


1. Download the files (2 mirrors below, don't need both because they're the same): v2.0.7z

2. Extract the file you download using 7-Zip:

3. Backup or overwrite the matching music1.vpp_pc and music2.vpp_pc files in Saints Row 2 install directory.

You'll now have radio quality on par with what shipped on Xbox 360.


1. Download Hamachi:

2. Install Hamachi.

3. Create a LogMeIn account if you don't already have one and log in.

4. You'll have to create a new network and have your friend join it. Once you each see each other's systems in the list with an IP provided, Saints Row 2 should work fine as long as that connection remains up.

You should be able to host/join a co-op Saints Row 2 game like you're actually on the same LAN.
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I have been starting to think that my processor might be too SLOW. I guess that time test would tell me about it.
Themken: I have been starting to think that my processor might be too SLOW. I guess that time test would tell me about it.
Nah, the PC port requires a 2.0 GHz dual-core processor (sauce). The problem is just with the poor way CD Projekt (not RED) ported the game without any QA.
The problem exists no matter how you got it: Steam, boxed (same as Steam), and GOG. It really depends on your processor.
Somehow, for me, it just ran fine (with GOTR installed).
Damn it, this game still lags to this day. Need to find the right fix.
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