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I took some vehicles for driving. Ok, no problem with the very high speed, i even liked it. But HOW THE HELL can they be steered? I cannot seem to be able to drive them normally, without bumping on something ALL THE TIME! Don't get me wrong, i like wrecking both the car and other things around me, but i really need to drive straight, when i want to drive straight! So, may i ask, is it even possible in the first place, to steer the car with mouse and keyboard adequately enough, so as to drive it like a normal car, if/when you want to do just that?

Also, does (car) steering and movement bear any resemblance, of 2, to that of 3, or there it is different?
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SR2 steering on PC is notorious for being like that for many people. I don't have much of an issue with it myself, but it's something I've heard from others.

The vehicle controls in SR3 (and beyond) were changed and I haven't heard of any real issues with that.
Thanks! Well, since the car's aren't destroyed, i will drive them this way, then... Thanks again for the reply!!
I just started playing SR2 for the first time a couple days ago, and I have to say the car steering is pretty bad, at least with keyboard and mouse. The problem seems to be that a single tap of the key changes your direction of travel by roughly 5 degrees, which is way too coarse. It makes fine adjustments impossible, which is why it's a huge challenge just to drive straight, even on a straight, flat street. Other than that, it works okay. I don't have much trouble getting along once the action starts, since braking, accelerating, and big turns aren't too hard.

Some vehicles are a lot harder than others, though. The Magma is almost impossible to control because it's so twitchy.

If the driving in SR2 had succeeded in being a little more like Carmageddon it would be one of the most fun games I've ever played. It's still a lot of fun.