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Does the GOG version work on Windows 10? I've had this on Steam for a while and I played it as recently as a year ago, but I can't get it to run on my new system with Windows 10 (1607). I get the intro videos, then the loading screen, then it crashes back to the desktop with no error. Nothing is logged in the event viewer or maintenance and troubleshooting logs.

Searching for a solution I find a lot of various forum posts around 6 months to a year ago with the exact symptoms I'm having, but nothing more recent and no solutions. I don't see any one here in the GOG forums with this problem, so I'm hoping maybe the GOG version works.
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Both Steam and GOG versions work flawlessly for me on Win10 (1607), just tested it as of today with both.

The Steam version not working for you could be a driver issue or faulty install. Or it could be an incompatible video setting.

Try going over the various things in [url=]this article[/url].
Weird, I didn't get a reply notification, but I've confirmed for myself that it's not Windows 10.

I had already been over the PCGWiki and tried everything there. I got a reply on the Steam forums from someone using the same video card and driver I'm using, so it's not that. I've done so much to try and get the game working from changing things in BIOS to disabling/removing hardware not required for the game, and nothing has worked. Then I found this post on the official forums from 5 years ago from someone with the exact same problem. The OP of that post stated using a cracked .exe "fixed" the game. I then found another post on the SR3 subreddit also saying using a cracked .exe works. I had to know for myself, so I downloaded the cracked .exe files and the game does run. It's not a real solution because the DLC doesn't work. I was able to load my previous save game and got a bunch of notices about missing DLC, but it still ran. I'm not going to continue using the crack, so I've restored the game. I'm pretty sure there's nothing more I can do to fix it.

So I'm 100% certain that the GOG version will work. I just hope they add it to GOG connect like they did SR2 because I'm not giving these ******* more money to fix a broken game.