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I've been wanting to buy Sacrifice, to get the same feeling I had as a kid. But the thing is, I've been hearing all of these problems with it, like it crashing immediately, and not being able to start up the campaign. Should I do it, are there things i should get or do before getting it, or should i just avoid it all together?
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I wouldn't. My system is nothing special or exotic. Just a 4790k and a 970 w/Win10x64. I have never even gotten to a menu. I tried dgvoodoo2, and Sacrifice recognized it. But still no joy.

I loved this game on my old 98 box back when it came out. Back then I bought it because the game box looked cool, haha.

I was under the impression that GOG puts out games FIXED for modern OS's. I have almost as much trouble with several GOG games as I do untouched versions from Steam!
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I don't buy any old games more from gog the last 4 i tried did not work on windows 10 including this one , Sacrifice worked first but after rebooting my pc all i get is a black screen. I am using a intel 6700k 4 Ghz with a 1070 nvidea card; and 32 gig ram on windows 10 64 bit

And using any other compatibility modes did not help either.

If i game is older the five years i will not buy them any more.
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I have nvidea gforce gtx 1050 and the game works fine for me. It's great fun! :)

The only thing that doesn't work properly at the moment is the map editor Scapex
Have you tried 16 bit depth mode regrub15?