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When I try to start "Sacrifice" campaign I need to create new character but creating/editing character hard freezes the whole system -> need to restart PC

I tried with some save from the internet and I can load it ( its 100% save so I can't really start a new campaign tho)

Any ideas how could I start a new campaign? Perhaps someone here who doesn't have the same issue is willing to create new clear character for me (that would work too I guess since the 100% save is playable)
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Well, you can join the community discord and ask for help over there. I can create you a save file too, but you might actually start in Ethereal realm and it may be just one time run, like if you would like to play more campaigns you would need more save files. Gog doesn't allow me to upload anything other than pictures. I wonder if the discord file would work here though: [url=][/url]