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I need help with the sound issue. After loading the game I've noticed that there is no music and proper sounds for icons clicking, dialogues, creatures responses, wizard commands for creatures, but there are sound when wizard casts spells, some environment sounds like birds, mana fountain etc. and music in main menu (which disappears after surrender and going back to main menu), so only partially the sounds are gone. How can I fix this? I have Win 10.
Post edited April 13, 2021 by Szpila83
Probably joining the discord would be the best option, on forums you rarely will see any responses. Have you tried reinstalling the game?
Yes, I've tried reinstalling few times. The same problem is with Steam version :/
Post edited April 14, 2021 by Szpila83
Solved, I just had to disconnect my laptop from TV and use laptops build-in speakers :)