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I've made a petition for a sequel of this game. I know it's not much, but it's a start, and maybe it can be used to convince a developer to make a sequel (or maybe an HD-remake) at some point! :)

You can find it here. I've also written to Shiny.
Post edited August 11, 2016 by Regrub15
I wonder how could you send message to Shiny, when they are gone. The rights to the title still have Interplay which won't publish any new games sadly. Website is not refreshed from what I can see. People who worked at Shiny are working for many different companies. Probably many Sacrifice fans would be happy if that would ever happen, but I don't think so. If we won't improve ourselves in the programming stuff and don't make game by ourselves then such game as Sacrifice 2, won't ever see the daylight. It's difficult task since making sequel better than Sacrifice may be hard(balance,story,cool voice acting and many other small things), and actually because Sacrifice wasn't sold as much as expected then no one may try to develop and publish it's sequel and again see the fail(even if it would be best game ever again).
sacrifice was sold out in norway. i actually got the last copy available. due to how the story ended, a sequel is not possible. a prequel on the other hand could be possible.
The story isn't a thing. Here is everything about the Intelectual Properties that Interplay holds. Gods in Sacrifice doesn't die. There is just a shame to believe in for their followers and without followers none god can exist. They eventually respawn in 500 years. Sequel from the time where the gods respawn and again one that wants to rule everything, but without Marduk :P
This game came out just before the Xbox dominance and Shiny said they did not do sequels. Which is crap because if you look at their games they made many many sequels. My guess is that this game was not console friendly so it was dropped. Buts that is just my guess, fact is Shiny said no to making a sequel, which is a shame as the potential of this game is huge.