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It was like 13 years ago when i last played this game, i have no clue how to get it worked to play with people online. All the links dead, i have noone to play with, port forwarding didn't help. Basically i would like to play online with somebody, or at least a link to "active" community, or at least some patches so i can play with my friends
Hello there. Port forwarding is required to host games, but you need to inform someone else that:
1. You are hosting already!
2. Send them your IP adress so they can connect to you.

I am admin on the IRC you have visited few days ago! Most likely you didn't say a word and just left? Or maybe did you but I wasn't able to reply that quick so you could see me anwsering you. However you can try your luck on steam or on facebook. Or in that IRC channel... My nick is Dark or Darkstorm over there. Maybe I can help you with getting a game going.

Edit. Po polsku też mogę pisać jak coś ^^
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