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Hello, when I play Sacrifice on my laptop (win 10, intel core i7-9750H 2.60 GHz, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti) I experience FPS drops. In the beginning of each mission everything is fine, but when I get few more units I also get huge fps drops. I tried to change graphics card in nvidia control panel from intel to nvida, but it didn't help. Is there some solution of this problem?
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dgvoodoo perhaps
I get this too especially with the IntelHD (4000 here) iGPU.

dgVoodoo may help indeed, or you can just try lowering the Detail Level in the options, down to High. It doesn't change much (mostly distant scenery elements like grass), and I strongly suspect optimisation at Very High and Insane has always been average at best (I used to play this game almost twenty years ago and it wasn't that smooth either then).

(note that under Linux Wine, using a 32bit architecture seems to improve performance too, and reduce crashes)
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Detail level is nothing more that the rendering distance where every model is starting to be rendered at lower resolution and the "grass" is not rendered at all. Insane preset has huge range and would render in full resolution any unit visible to player on any regular map. Very high does the same thing but distance is limited very much to local area where you are fighting at. High is very small radius. Is it optimization then if it makes units render in full resolution much further away? Linux wine is similar to dgvoodoo. Dgvoodoo does DX8 turn into DX11-12 while wine makes it OpenGL. Insane preset is definitely too much, while very high is pretty accurate. High has a little bit too small radius. This is insane with dgvoodoo on a map with alot of units. In past I remember this map for running in a slideshow
Indeed, it's not only grass, I forgot about the obvious models too (!). When I'm saying "average optimization at best', I'm being ironic. "Insane" is definitely the right name for that preset.

Since dgVoodoo is probably the best option under Windows, to add to your tip, not performance related, but Sacrifce benefits from it:

Using dgVoodoo resolution setting under the DirectX tab, you can easily set a higher resolution while keeping the already tiny interface / text readable enough (leave the game resolution at a somewhat low setting).

And when using this wrapper, double check 'Video card' to see if you're indeed using your nVidia or Intel graphics.

(and just in case someone else is using Wine here but finds performance underwhelming whatever the method, try " WINEDEBUG = -all " too, as environment variable, it "disables" debug though)
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About that tip with setting dgvoodoo resolution high while sacrifice resolution low, I made actually screenshots and they are posted in another thread but I will link them here too:

Dgvoodoo 1920x1080 Sacrifice 800x600

Dgvoodoo 1920x1080 Sacrifice 1920x1080(widescreenfix)
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ViperDarkstorm: dgvoodoo perhaps
Works splendidly. Thanks a lot.