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Moddb download link is at the bottom of this post :)
Now there's also a guide on Steam forums:

I've looked through forums here and haven't seen a solution to common and irritating (although maybe just for me) problem with Charnel's mission nr 5. As you propably know there's a bugged boon script and with vanilla version of the game you just can't obtain a boon no matter what you do.

Well, in fact I've managed to fix this in scapex editor about year and half ago. I see that until now nobody posted a working fix here so I'll just do that, maybe you'll find it usefull.

It's nothing complicated, just pure copy & paste & overwrite 1 file. Fixed mission of course works without errors, nothing has been cut, every dialog works and, what's most important of course, boon works too :)

Condition for obtaining boon is simple (nothing has been changed - it's how it was in the files): Gangrel/Astaroth must be ALIVE at the end of the mission.
Boon benefactor is Charnel and he offers his standard boosts for you to choose (at the end of the mission): either max mana level +10% or physical damage resistance +10 (again - nothing has been changed). His special boon dialogue "Such malice should not go unrewarded" (or something like that) works perfectly too.

Installation: just copy & paste & overwrite file (ch05) into yours /Sacrifice/maps/campaign/sacrifice folder.

Link (it's a 3mb file):
Steam guide:

I hope you'll find it usefull and enjoy this amazing game even more!

- links updated 12.08.2015 (added to moddb)
- added links to Steam guide
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Thanks. I'll try it.
Updated links in the first post (old ones expired a while ago).
You could upload at Moddb and get more audience. It's free.
Hemaka: Updated links in the first post (old ones expired a while ago).
Thanks for the fix ! :)
TaxAkla: You could upload at Moddb and get more audience. It's free.
Thanks for that idea! Mod/fix has already been approved there so I guess I don't have to worry about expiring links anytime soon :)
Here's the link (also added in the 1st post):
Brilliant. Thanks.
I'm bumping this thread, so it'll be easier too see for all newcomers :P
I've also made a proper guide on steam forums:
@Hemaka Why you don't play multiplayer, while doing stuff around this fix for this much long? :P It seems you might know the triggers well in scapex? Maybe you would like to make some kind of campaign in a future?