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Originally, Sacred came with an import/export tool that allowed you to export your character out of one single player and import him/her into a new one. It allowed you to take a character from a bronze level game into silver and even permitted you to import characters made by other players into your game. How come this feature was not included in the GOG version of the game?
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I don't have the GOG version, but in the retail edition edition of Sacred Gold, you had to load a character, hit ESC to open the in-game menu, then Export. When starting a new character, just below the difficulty slider, you'll see Import. No tool exists as far as I can find, at least on the copy I have (Big Byte slimline dvd case edition).
For other players, just copy the save data across directories. (The benefit of this over a hero file should be that the next player can export to the slot of their choosing, or continue from the save point)
Is this not the case? I never had the original and Plus editions.
(I can't find anything official, but 3rd party tools exist around the web that do this and a variety of other things)
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Ack! I never even noticed the export option on the game menu. Back when I had the original version, the import/export functions were handled in the game launcher application.