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I saw a forum post from last year, but I am curious how the MP is right now. Are there any servers up at all, or do I need a LAN VPN type program to connect two copies of the game?
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Closed servers held up by Ascaron are down yes but you can use the open server function (you import your single or offline LAN characters). You can use a VPN as well but that is more of a convenience or for latency issues.
How exactly do you get on the Open Servers? I believe I have all the information right in my settings file, but I still can't seem to connect!
I don't recall you have to connect to the open servers, it's just a local gateway to connect to other players. However, the usual culprit is either a firewall (software) or a router (hardware). If you're sure your ports are open I'm not entirely sure. I could try it myself.

Edit: I seem to have issues myself both connection and apparently my Undeworld key is invalid.

Anyway, there's a possibility open servers were connected to Ascaron's servers but I remember reading something on the official forum about being able to if you connected to a back up server or perhaps an unofficial run by some fans.

I would recommend running a VPN (Tunngle, GameRanger, Hamachi) and then playing via LAN. This requires organisation so you can't really play with randoms.

This seems to be a good page: [url=http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php5/Sacred:Sacred_Public_Servers]http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php5/Sacred:Sacred_Public_Servers[/url]
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Cool man, thanks for the help.
Okay thanks for the info :) I marked your response as the solution.