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i've noticed that after playing Sacred Gold that I can't get programs to open from the taskbar. When I hover over the taskbar they show as if they're open but they won't display and I have an option to pin them when they're already there. It might have something to do with the resolution change (I have a 2560x1440 monitor). Changing the resolution to something else and back seems to fix for some programs like Excel & Word but I wasn't able to fix Steam except by reinstalling. I don't think the Gog Galaxy window is opening either though (like Steam) I can right click on the taskbar icon to get individual games to play. I've tried some suggestions for Windows taskbar problems but they haven't seemed to work.

The worst affected program is Mendeley (a piece of referencing software) which I really need to get fixed. Uninstalling and reinstalling might work for it too but I'm afraid I'll lose the links to my current references and I'm in the middle of writing a paper with dozens of citations. Has anybody seen this and have a fix for Windows 10?

Never mind. I discovered my computer thought it had two monitors.
Post edited March 23, 2021 by maxernst