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Uitoqora: Quick question: Does anyone know how to unlock all portals in the settings.txt? I can't seem to recall how to do it...
Does this help?
So the community patch comes back as malicious. Chrome, bitdefender and windows all say its unsafe.

Can anyone confirm that "" is safe?
Starkrun: So the community patch comes back as malicious. Chrome, bitdefender and windows all say its unsafe.

Can anyone confirm that "" is safe?
Why Sacred wiki and forums are getting regularly hacked? Does nobody can do anything about it?
Went ahead and tried it.... nothing hinky on my system.

Watched and monitored all changes... only temp files and inside Sacred 2 happened. Nothing "extra" and no editing of any dll/exe's
Added a new mod to the list: Elite Mounts Mod, which adds new special mounts for all 7 characters.

In other modding news, today Sacred 2 Nexus was launched on the Nexus Mods Network. I hope it helps Sacred 2 mods reach a wider audience.
Anyone happen to have tried these with steam version?
I haven't had any reports of any difficulties with the Steam version of Sacred 2 + mods.

I just edited the first post in the thread, there is a new batch of old mods that are now updated for Community Patch 1.50 compatibility. Some links got updated as well, plus a more prominent link to the Sacred 2 Nexus, where I'm currently keeping up a mod library.
Ah, i quickly created the post and missed this thread.

Flix, please add KP to the links:
The links provided were dead when I tried them, and another one other one requires singing up on a forum, it seems. I found a link on mediafire for it, though.

..apparently I can't post links, so you'll have to search the site for it yourself. Sorry.
For people who don't enjoy signing up on like every forum, here is an alternative link for the newest community patch:

scroll down and click the link
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At the people doing the patches are active. Thus reporting bugs or asking questions might result in some new patch.

As the last patch is now 2 years old, I don't know anything about a new patch.

I might add that I think the community patch to be absolutely necessary. It fixes a lot of things and reduces crashes. (At least for me.)
"To balance the duration of CAs per level is really what is missing to this game."

So I think the good way to play Sacred2 is both added

For so long I didn't know S2-EnhancedEdition and so had my hearth broken not playing a so good game!
(the ComPatch had not resolved the CA duration problem, still killing characters along the levels)
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