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Hey All,
I bought sacred here but don't have have a good enough computer to run the sequel on my PC. However I do have an Xbox 360 and that version will be out in a few months. (Suppose to be march but is pushed back now. Hopefully to iron out bugs and make it all better.)
For those of you that have played Sacred 2, is it worth the purchase? I am looking at this as a Multiplayer game to play with my friends on Xbox Live. I am really excited to see this game ported to the 360 and I just want some opinions about the game itself. I really like the first Sacred: it is like diablo with an Edge.
So wadda ya guys n gals think?
I personally couldn't stand the game, other then looking nice it didn't have alot else going for it. The camera controls were annoying, the characters look poorly designed, world seems smaller with little paths between trees and hills rather then large open area's. My advice would be to hold out for a demo on the 360 and judge for yourself.
camera, character design and the worldset did not bother me at all - what I would say is that limited story and bad sidequests (seriously the number of kids that want their teddy back from the cave filled with undead is rather worrying!) mad gameplay a bit of a pain.
Its a good game overall though and I do enjoy it - its just not got the story that one would expect from a FF or Baldur's Gate game.
I have been playing this game for about a month now and the simple thing is that it is Sacred with better graphics. The quests are no more inane than the first one and you don't have to do those. I thought there was a slightly better selection of quests. Especially the one to help the rock band get their instruments back is an excellent quest plus the pay off is great.
I haven't had any problems with the camera, I generally play zoomed out to maximum so it's not that big a hinderance.
You do seem to spend a lot more time travelling, the save system is more in line with a Rogue type game (there is only one save file and I believe there is a mode that will wipe the file the moment you die). I haven't bothered getting the unique mounts yet.
The main story quest is dire, but then again I thought the same of the first game, Titan Quest and Diablo I & II so it depends on your point of view.
My main concern is that Asceron and Deep Silver are an unknown quantity on the console market. There games are fairly bugged on the PC (even with the latest patch) so what it will be like on the 360/PS3 is unknown. I still remember the problems I had with the X-Box version of Morrowind.
To be honest I love this sort of game that leaves you free to explore your world and you can do as little or as much of the quests as you want.
Hmm.. I didn't have very many issues with the xbox version of Morrowind, but I had bought the Game of the Year edition. The release date for Sacred 2 has been pushed back, so I'm assuming the companies involve see the same bugs as you do. I'll probably end up buying it, if anything to be a guinea pig for those that are interested.
Rockband quest is a must!!
developers should be able to remove most/pretty much all bugs from a console release as consoles don;t come with different components ;)
PCs are a pain - so many OS, motherboards, drivers, graphics cards, processors - not to mention the fact that some people run games on higher settings than they should.
Yah well my budget is keeping me tied down to oldish pcs :D Not a big deal really; they are still perfectly good.. Ah well...
The bugs didn't stop me from playing Morrowind, I just kept having to reset the Xbox every half hour or so.
I must admit I am tempted to give it a try when it comes out on PS3 (same with the Witcher, enjoyed it on the PC and looking forward to playing what they consider to be the definitive version).
I just still have this nagging feeling that it may not be the most polished adaption around.
As other have said it's Sacred only prettier and with better music. (Blind Guardian freakin' rocks. Yes folks, the rock band in the game is actually a real band and a bloody awesome one.)
It's also a lot like comparing Diablo to Diablo II. There are certain changes to the game. They made the game easier. Most of the classes are new, slightly different setup on the combat arts and skills and whatnot.
Definitely try the demo first. But it should be worth it. But I couldn't imagine trying to play it on an game controller. Keyboard/mouse all the way :)
I loved it as much as I loved the first one, and maybe even some more. Great gameplay, awesome music, cool characters, and good graphics. However, it's got Securom DRM. Online activation and all that crap (not on console, of course, so not a problem for the OP). However I wanted this game so much that I let it pass, and since they took so many steps to prevent it from becoming too annoying (and the mere fact that cracks exist), I don't mind it, especially since it hasn't caused any problems whatsoever.
In fact, the only DRM that has ever caused any problem, is the disc check for Temple of Elemental Evil, which even didn't have any form of intrusive/driver based system! Quite peculiar actually.