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First of all hello everyone , our problem is this , we both bought the sacred game here on GoG and started a game on Lan wile waiting for our cd keys , everything runs fine till about 10 -15 minuts in game where she will loose conection , even tough her internet is running fine , i am doin the host so i dont get kicked out , this has happend 3 times now and i dont know what the problem could be , any ideas would wellcome , thanks :)

Edit : forgot to add , im on a windows 7 64bits , with a nvidia geforce gt 230m , my drivers are up to day and so are hers , we tried with her being host and me joining and i lost conection after maibe 5 minuts , hope that helps :)
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I know on XP that the game will require setting an exception for Windows Firewall for the game. I checked on Windows 7, and it also requires setting Sacred as an exception in Windows Firewall. Try checking off Sacred in the settings on both machines and see if the problem persists.

If you already have it set that way, check to see if there are any errors being captured by the Event Viewer on either machine. That could narrow down the problem.
Hi there and thanks for answering , im not very computer wise but a little ive learned over the time :P i have kapersky antivirus and tought that once the antivirus was working the firewall would not interfere with anything else , once my gf gets home ill try your sugestion , if that still dont work , what do you mean by the even viewer ? is that in the task manager thing or ? hope we can find a solution because we got this game to play cooperative since diablo would not allow to save game in this way :)

Edit : it looked like my firewall was deactivated , i activated again and add sacred to be allowed to go trough , on both pc's but then she could not come in the game , i could see she joined but her char never made it in , she could write in the chat from the place where you see the game to join and i could see what she wrote but she could not come in , so i decided to add in kapersky the aplication of sacred and still the same , finally i decided to simply deactivate firewall totally and then she could join , ive been with both pc's conected for maibe 10 minuts now and she has not exploded , keeping my fingers crossed :D , will let you know how things go after a wile :9

2 Edit : yesterday we played for 2 hours with no problem at all , so it seems that as you said it was the firewall that was creating problems , thanks a lot for your help i can call this problem solved now :)
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