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In Sacred 1 there are enemy seraphins (I don't remember where), they use the ability which transforms weapon into a blue spear with ranged attack. If you kill them while they have enchanted their weapons they have chance to drop that spear, it's called DO NOT USE (?) ("NIE UŻYWAĆ" in polish). It is unfortunately, a normal spear (it doesn't shoots those energy balls) which only seraph can use.

In Sacred demo version me and my friend somehow managed to... put a city guard into inventory. I can't recall how we did that, the npc disappeared from game world and appeared in inventory as 2x1 or 4x2 city guard image, it was hilarious and bizarre at the same time.

I am pretty sure you can direct hits on specifics body parts of an enemy by keeping cursor over selected part while attacking him. It wasn't documented anywhere and there wasn't any information about this in the game, maybe it wasn't a fully developed feature. I noticed many times that when I hover the cursor upon, let's say, head of an enemy while attacking him there is bigger chance to decapitate him. It also applies to disarming, clicking on hands of an enemy will increase chance to disarm him.

Dark Elf has ability Cat Leap that allows him to jump over distance into selected position. It lets him to cross many obstacles like rivers and cliffs. The range of jump increases with ability level, it gets huge on levels 20+. It allows access to many areas not intended by developers to explore like multiplayer island on single player game.
Balkoth: The range of jump increases with ability level, it gets huge on levels 20+. It allows access to many areas not intended by developers to explore like multiplayer island on single player game.
I still have my copy that I exported from closed servers a level 153 Dark Elf and I remember when I was playing early on, perhaps level 30-50 I noticed how fun it was to increase the level of that Cat Leap ability. Later on when I had learned how Regeneration worked and reduced to perhaps 0.3 seconds, I could spam it and cover large distances very fast. Given the size of Ancaria, that is very welcome even if there are portals.

I don't recall finding that DO NOT USE spear dropped by Seraphim but I remember finding other items with similar bugged or not fully developed items drop. There's also a great deal of Easter Eggs in this game, would be fun to find bugged versions of those.. who knows what they will be called.

City Guard in inventory.. I would have wanted to see that. Could you take a screenshot?
Hello, I am sorry, I know four years passed since your reply but if you can still read this message I would like to say that I played this game over 13 years ago. Unfortunately, I lost all my data including my character. There is only my friend who was a witness to putting city guard in inventory :D . Yeah, there are lots of easter eggs. There were many fan websites cataloguing them.

This game offers pretty unique experience compared to other action RPGs and hack&slash games. There are more various entartaining features. Of the games like that I had the best experience with Sacred. However, for modern times it is rather slow.
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I don't think I still have my old characters either but whenever I reinstall I restart anyway, it's nice to experience the early levels from the beginning. I remember finding those websites like dark matters. They sure enjoyed Sacred, they had insane amount of information. Someone catalogued an entire overview of how Survival Bonus works and stuff like that.

I don't mind that it's slow at times or even rough around the edges, it's more that as one grows older making a number slightly higher than before isn't as exciting as when one is young. I think it's after level 50, you don't get any new skill slots so it's rather numbers focused after that but exploring the world with jump abilities or trying to find interesting quests that reveal details or lore about Ancaria is good fun. :)
I always found the two main aspect of a RPG perfectly balanced in this one, at least for me both had the right pace. The game plays generally slow and letting you feel the world it present to you. The fights in the other hand is fast and intense especially after a certain point. There is always something interesting to see even if you're already finished it tons of times. To be honest one of the few RPGs out there where starting a new character is as fun as playing a maxed out one lol. It really get old for me to rely on single abilities but Sacred gives option to maintain multiple effective builds at the same time on the same character and I always found this the best part of the first two games. I guess this is what makes the game feel slow for those who only try to complete the game the possible most effective way. Personally I never took any of the skills that makes killing faster.

Sacred 2 seemingly took this part more seriously as there was even more easier to maintain multiple completelly different abilities. It was so simple I just had to replace the abilities and the very same character felt totally different.