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Normally "traditional" RPGs like Baldur's Gate, Diablo, etc. aren't my cup of tea, for whatever reasons. But for some reason upon trying out the Sacred demo upon seeing GOG's sale on the game here, I knew within minutes this was something I wanted.
The game just does everything as it should be done. Progress is extremely open-ended (if your attention span leaves something to be desired, Sacred's zillion sidequests will definitely work for you), the menus and controls are all very intuitive (easy to pick up, with lots of depth to be explored over time), the graphics aren't too shabby, music is beautiful and used sparingly, and combat/leveling is frequent and satisfying. But most importantly, Sacred is as fun as it is addictive. It doesn't happen for me too often -- but this is one of those games once I picked up, it's something I couldn't keep myself away from (indeed, I'm itching to play as I write this).
For the original game plus two expansions, and minus the DRM it originally came with, this is a steal. If you were on the fence about Sacred, try the demo -- there's a good chance you'll surprise yourself with how much you like it.