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high rated
Hello everyone!

thank you for your patience and support. Based on the feedback on our Discord the first update adding options to customize the game difficulty and the way dice rolls work is now live.

Those who liked the original experience do not have to worry, the default 'normal' difficulty is the original experience with no changes whatsoever.

Those who expressed desire to customize their experience have now these options:

Easy difficulty
- Gives you a bonus in all dice rolls
- Restores all of your HP and MP when you start a new chapter
- Emotion extremes do not drain control
- Control recharges motivation faster

Hard difficulty
- Increases the challenge in all dice rolls
- Control recharges motivation at a slower pace

Apart from these 3 difficulty settings, we're also introducing additional options for customizing the difficulty of your Sacred Fire experience when creating a game on any difficulty, you can:
- enable step back: enables a BACK button that allows you to undo your last step in the story
- enable the weighted dice option to remove bad luck streaks
- enable Ironman mode where no check-points are getting created: Can you cheat death?

Ironman mode can be unlocked upon completing the game on Hard difficulty without a weighted dice and without the step back option. Of course when playing Ironman mode the step back is disabled.

Apart from that these are the changes made to the game to accommodate the feedback and make the game better:

- a scene where you can regain hp/mp after the duel with the centurion has been added
- the ants biting you (scripted hp loss) can be avoided
- you can turn on subtitles for the intro cut-scene
- refined Mindset tab Idea boosting tutorial

- the Mindset and Renown pts exploit bug
- the MP recharge exploit bug
- Risk Chain bonus now shows up correctly in the Dice Roll Result UI tooltip
- Renown tab tooltip lists now all effects
- Chapter progress now doesn't pop-up after game reload
- many minor bug-fixes

Join us on Discord and let us know what you think of these changes!

In the next update I'll focus on adding support for multiple characters and fixing any bugs around saving and loading the game. Thank you for your patience.
Post edited November 02, 2021 by poeticstudio