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I played only the free demo so far and i really like the overall approach, the setting and the amount of skill checks and outcomes.

Still i noticed a few things that would stop me from instabuying when it comes out of development and have some questions left:

- how extensive is the customization of inventory use/gear going to be? is every change you want to make in looks/appearance/clothing needed to buy with "points"? for example, will it be possible to simply shop for different clothes or get a haircut, facepaint etc. change or will there be a limited set of options?
- will you be able to play other characters and perspectives?
- how extensive is the scope of the full game compared to the demo and how extensive will travel be?
Hey there,

I'm glad you like the concept and design behind Sacred Fire and I'm happy that you ask, because Sacred Fire is designed to deliver 'more role-playing in less time', which is good to know upfront.

1) visual customization: in the full game there will be several outfits, hair styles, pain styles, beards, etc. to chosen from freely and the upgrades you need points for, add a level of polish, like ornaments or hunter trophies, or an extra layer of fur etc..

2) you can play a younger brother or a younger sister perspective (changes relationship dynamic with important characters), but it's the same character

3) the free demo has 4 scenes. The Early Access version has 33 scenes. The full game will have around 80 scenes. So the demo is 5% of the full game. The Early access version is 40% of the full game, and people spent usually 2-3 hours on 1 play trough.

There is no travel, there is no repetitive combat, there is no grinding to unlock more content. We happily recognize that there are bigger teams who do it better than a solo developer ever could. But if you had your fill of that, and look for unprecedented nuance of role-playing, you will find that in Sacred Fire.

It's all story exploration, so in the full game, a 6 hours long string of meaningful choices let's you experience character arcs and witness story twists that would take dozens of hours in a traditional adventure role-playing game.
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Sounds good and thanks for the reply! I am looking forward to the release then :)
Very glad that someone has been brave enough to cut away from the general "Add some flashy sparkle, and a solid lump of preaching and forcing you on a path" approach that's so prevalent in the games that are out there.
Absolutely love the way this has been implemented, and find the story gripping; played through a few times now in the latest build (as of writing) and very gratified that the decision availability really does depend on the character being played, rather than a fairly random player choice (with no real roleplay).

For a solo developer, this is just and astounding accomplishment. Keep up the good work, and very much looking forward to seeing more as you get round to releasing it!
I've always felt that the "Hours played" metric is an incredibly flawed mechanism that's overused in the industry these days to present "entertainment/value for money" of a game. There are games I've probably put hundreds of hours into over years that are fairly so-so, but I'll use them to idle away a little time as a distraction.
Sacred Fire is pretty much quality over quantity (from my perspective anyway). 6 hours per story run through is a lot of concentrated excitement that'll stick in the mind well above things that take ten times as long to complete (or more).
Hey Juillen,

thank you for your kind words, and for letting me know, I appreciate it. I'm happy to hear you enjoyed your time with the game and were able to get a meaningful experience out of it. It's as much a credit to the game as it is to your perceptiveness. Thank you for your support and patience, while I'm working on the rest of the story.