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Tier 1 - Hand Axe.

Second lowest damage in game, this weapon is pretty quick but has a really small range. It attacks in + cross patterns a lot, and can be useful to chop up early enemies and debris.

Runepower: FIreaxe, 1 RP cost.
Axe glows red hot and sets things on fire when you hit them. That's all. It becomes a temporary torch you can use to really fry some zombies quick. Beyond that, this runepower is very underwhelming.

Tier 2 - Goblin Axe.

Is a really awkward and wonky weapon. The range is short and the swings are very horizontal, making it effecitvely a sword with short range and perhaps slightly more damage, if it was'nt because the Roman Sword seems to be more powerful than it should've been. Not many will find this weapon satisfying to use.

Runepower: Throwing Axes, 1 RP cost.
This enchant has specific uses and is actually not bad. When you activate it, every swing turns into a thrown mirrage of your weapon that flies ahead and hits opponents, as if you had thrown your goblin axe at them. You can pull off about 8 throws in succesion, which is enough to kill atleast 1 of most enemies. Remember that shields do not work against thrown weapon. Can be especially great to use from a leverage standpoint, standing above some enemies, you can make it rain axes over them. Has a very fair RP cost for its use.

Tier 3 - Viking War Axe.

A powerful tier 3 weapon, this weapon combines good range with quick attacks and decent damage, more so than the Broard sword. This axe attacks in + cross patterns a lot. It is a very good weapon for hit and run tactics, due to the good range, precis chopping motion and quick execution. It is not uncommon for this weapon to cleave heads.Very all around great weapon, especially combined with a good shield.

Runepower: Forceshield, 1,5RP cost.
An uneven cost makes this enchant already worse than it should've been, as it does not synergise well with all other weapons in Rune. The enchant spawns a huge Viking Metal Shield in your hand, reskinned and rezised so large that it covers the entire front and much of the sides. Easily the best shield in game being invulnerable, it is very much temporary and situational at best. Should've cost 1 RP to be worth the use, in my opinion.

Tier 4 - Sigurds' Axe.

An epic looking axe, this thing looks better than it performs - in general. It is twohanded, a bit cumbersome, and it swings in the typical + cross patterns. It has.. decent range, but if it is an improvement over the Viking War Axe, it is a very miniscule one. The damage per hit is good, but sometimes can feel lack luster due to the noticeably slower swing speed.

Runepower: Frostmourne, 4RP cost.
A powerful enchant that turns your axe into a 2-hit kill machine. Any enemy hit under the effect is instantly turned into solid ice that you can smash to pieces. It is a strong rune power, but having to compete with similar tiered weapons and above, this power quickly becomes a bit mediocre at best.

Tier 5 - Dwarven Battle Axe.

Looks menacing as hell, and the size of it does give away some of its qualities to a degree. It has a large hit box, likely comparable to that of a Dwarven Worker Sword, and while it looks cumbersome, it is not as bad as your would expect. Slight timing is needed to pull of hit and run shots. This axe does more chopping than swinging, and it's pretty good at severing heads and arms off of smaller humanoids. This axes does some big damage, dealing atleast tied second highest damage in game.

Rune Power: Death, RP cost 5.
This effect combined with the weapons range and improved swing speed over Sigurds' axe, makes the high RP cost fair, I guess. The damage of the weapon is temporarily increased like 10 fold or more, which means every single foe dies from a single hit, or gets completely gibbed. Compared to other powers, this one feels very lackluster despite being very powerful. The highest RP cost in the game does'nt really give it justice.
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Maces and Hammers.

Tier 1 - Rusty Mace.

Being rusty does'nt make this weapon necessarily shit. It has a short hit box and swings in a lot of + cross patterns, but its damage is highest of the tier 1s. It is really good at smashing up cave crabs and is useful against enemies that are prone to lose their balance.

Runepower: Blastwaves, 1RP cost.
Each inital swing of a combo releases a blastwave centered on Ragnar that pushes all enemies away a fair distance. This power is situational, but depending on where you're currently fighting , this power can push enemies into all sorts of bad situations, from water to lava and death pits, very quickly ending your foes misery. It can potentially be absolutely devastating if you are in the right place, at the right time. Very situational but useful RP, that can also be used for defensive purposes like escaping or disrupting large enemy forces.

Tier 2 - Bone Club.

Made and used by goblins, this thing pack a wallop in terms of damage for a tier 2 weapon. Its range is really poor however, and the combos are rather erratic and randomly performed. It attacks quick though and is a good pummeling weapon.

Runepower: Shockwaves, 1RP cost.
A VERY powerful enchantment for the cost; this makes each intial combo swing capable of releasing a collumn of shockwaves in a straight line in front of Ragnar. The waves have a good range of atleast 5 meters or so, and the width of the blast is surprisingly wide. Even though this rune power does'nt last very long, the shock waves can easily kill most enemies that happen to be bombarded by these waves of air, and it is very much possible to dispatch of a large group of dangerous enemies from a safe distance by keeping ones distance and being relentless. Hits all enemies in sight, regardless if they stand behind each other or not.

Tier 3 - Tribal Mace.

Another erratic weapon that deals some really high damage pr hit, with very fast hits. The combo patterns are all over the place though, and hard to master, but it can potentially deal some really high DPS, especially if you keep running forward while swinging constantly, releasing flurries of high damaging 3-combo bombs that are fast. The hitbox of the weapon is lackluster, but better than previous maces.

Runepower: Invisibilty, 2RP cost.
Makes Ragnar "invisible" and enemies completely oblivious to anything going on. Any enemy that is pursuing Ragnar instantly stops and runs back to whatever they were doing before, wether that be standing guard or patrolling. In this timeframe, Ragnar can rain flurries on the enemies while they just stand around not responding. Potentially can also be used to escape battles and skip entire areas of conflict you rather just wanna leave. Is a versatile and pretty cheesy RP, but a very effective one for the cost. It is possible to kill any enemy in the game using this power, before it dissipates.

Tier 4 - Dwarven Work Hammer.

This weapon is limited in its combos to almost exclusively smashing straight down and up. It is two handed and does very heavy damage, almost if not on par with the Dwarven Battle Sword. It is surprisingly not that cumbersome to use, because you know where your weapon is going to hit always and the attacks are not too slow. Slight timing is needed to pull off hit and run tactics. It's range is better than other maces, but is still poor, not even comparable to a Viking War Axe. Is especially potent at making dwarfs keel over.

Runepower: Erruptions, 3RP cost.
This rune power makes each intial combo swing of the hammer release a total of 3 "beams" of errupting ground and lava, that travels a very long distance away from Ragnar in a forked pattern with an arc of roughly 90 degrees straight forward. Each of these erruptions deal some good damage to enemies, and especially up close where all 3 can potentially hit the same target and make it gib really easily. A very powerful enchantment against mass encounters in wide, open areas.

Tier 5 - Dwarven Battle Hammer.

This is the most damaging weapon in the game pr hit, and mechanics wise it is almost a dublicate of the Dwarven Work Hammer, just very minor improvements to range and speed of swings. It is honestly not a bad weapon, but it has some stiff competition. Is an absolute beast when it comes to smashing through shields quick.

Runepower: Petrification. 4RP cost.
An exact ripoff of the Sigurd Axe enchantment, except enemies turn into stone permanently until you smash them up with a second swing. A very lackluster ability on a weapon with not the best range, and is hardly worth using except for the lolz of turning things to stone.
That pretty much covers everything in the game, as far I'm concerned. Combining this knowledge with a walkthrough and you'll be all informed of the game.

Additional Mechanics and random oddities are going to be explained below.

Squashing opponents: Rune has a mechanic where if you jump down on opponents from a tall vantage point, you deal damage to the opponent. This damage is atleast twice as much as Ragnar receives from fall damage, and it's enough to gib goblins and outright kill larger threats in some scenarios. I know for sure this works against humanoid opponents, but am not sure it works on all opponents.

Falling damage: Taking fall damage in Rune is a progressive system. The game checks for time spent in free fall, and you're not going to survive a fall that last more than 2 seconds regardless how much health you have. Fall damage is a serious threat in Rune and can easily kill or cripple you. Some props and debri cushion all fall damage, while many props can actually be damaged and destryoed by falling on them. Landing on opponents seem to cushion Ragnar from some damage, if not, then atleast by shortening the distance.

Throwing Weapons with the Q key:

Throwing a weapon can be done with any equipped weapon, but also with torces and severed limbs. Throwing something at an opponent is a great way to deal a finishing blow from a safe distance, and the impact almost always flinches your opponent. The damage done by throwing depends on the weapon thrown and it's definately somewhat higher than the damage of a normal swing of said weapon. Opponents can also throw weapons at Ragnar, although only the dwarves have this implemented into their AI in the gameplay. Goblins are shown to throw weapons in some cutscenes, but they don't actually do that in game. Thrown weapons are permanently gone from your inventory until you go a pick them up again. Ensure good, cleared space between Ragnar and target before throwing, as the mechanic is kind of wonky and the weapon may hit something in the way even though it looks like it should'nt have.

Severed limbs:

You can pick up any severed limb opponents throughout the game. Heads, arms, legs or mechanical parts. You can use limbs to attack with for some very light damage, but regardless of limb, the hitbox is terrible and the swinging consists only of a singular, short arced sweep.Limbs are great to throw at opponents for some small damage.
And besides all of that there're tons of custom skins maps weapons and mods made by community. Rune has also a command console (~) which include more commands than you can remember based on UScript similar to those from ut99, since rune use the same game engine later I will try to find a list and post it here.