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I wanted to buy the game on gog since it's on offer, but I saw that it doesn't have the 1.11 patch (compatibility with windows 10 and directx 11) if I use this mod ( can I still equalize the steam version?
Thank you
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You should buy this game on GOG because you will obtain in bonus the Rune Gold version.
The Rune Gold version is more stable than the Classic version (unfinished version).
Someone has already put together a "patch" using the v1.11 update that GOG never got onto its release of Rune Classic, and it's possible to fix the game to actually use Direct3D11 with dgVoodoo 2 (because the v1.11 Update is false advertising a DirectX11 render when in reality it's still the Direct3D 7 one from the original release). I might be possible to improve XInput compatibility for both versions of Rune by using Xidi with its Winmm wrapper. Honestly I'd rather use dgVoodooo 2 on Rune Classic or Kentie's original Direct3D 10 Renderer for the original Rune + HoV expansion over that unofficial Direct3D11 "renderer" since it is not only broken and looks worse than the original renderer despite having some advanced graphical features, the "creator" of that renderer is also nagware as it inserts the "creator's" Palpal/Patreon link into your clipboard and displays a "PAY ME!!" text when you launch the game.
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