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1. Self Introduction

Hello Dear GOG community. My rune-name is =PkP=Xandar. I'm 28 (ye old :( ), and I play Rune almost half of my life.
Few months ago I've bought Rune 1.10(Classic) on Steam. Even if I knew it's one of the worst versions I've done it to support the developers, and yeah I heard about GOG before I download even Gwent a year ago from here(I don't play it) but as long I'll have many duties in real life I don't have so much time for games. In my laziness I don't even bother to check it out.
When I was searching some information about Rune I found this place. My first thought was that I regret not using this platform to buy Rune. More posts I read here I was also more convinced that you guys misunderstand some things and about others don't even know(we will talk about that later)
Within my Rune career I create many maps, skins, weapons, decorations, textures and many more. My greatest unfinished project Rune1.20HD mod which contains high resolution fonts, Interface(just Game HUD) and some modern graphic tools like anti aliasing etc. you can find beta of this mod in Modb. Unfortunately I was not able to finish that project when it starts I was in school but there was more work than I was thinking. I go to work and each year had less and less time for it, but I don't surrender and believe I will finish it some day. Few weeks ago I uploaded the latest beta version so if your curios you can check how it looks ATM.

2. How to Join Multiplayer

I said earlier that I play not played because Rune is still alive and well with the loyal and creative community. In September there was even a Rune Tournament witch I don't won xD.
Some time ago GameSpy closed their servers, what comes with that many games including Rune lost MasterServers (that one server to rule them all xD anyone can't see a server list when it's down). Community won't let this game die and soon after that buy and move masterserver to other company and make it work with all Rune versions (there is like 6 or seven of them not 2 or 3) and all of them work :).
I know that I'm a new user and I can't post links but I decide to post them as normal text so you guys can copy it and make your Rune Work as it should. We all win gog has an improved feature to his product, Users have new game mode in game, I can have more people to play with.

So there're two ways to make it work:
a.) Download Rune.ini File and replace existing one in your Rune System Folder(where is the Rune.exe file)
b.) Go to Rune community forum follow the instructions. You can manually change lines in Rune.ini using Notepad just like I've done with the file I upload to you guys, or just type a console command in game and it will connect you to the one of Rune Dedicated Servers where smart mod called Coadmin7z overwrite everything automatically
The Rune

And that's it for now. It's getting late and I need to get up early tomorrow next time I talk more about Rune versions, history of this game. Commands and editor.

If you can't wait and want to learn more join The rune Boards Forum, Lambshack FB group, or Discord
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