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Yes, it also hapeens in gold, I can't pick up swords
I've got this same problem. I accidentally threw my sword in the cave level by pressing the wrong key, and ever since, I've been unable to pick up any swords. I can pick up axes, shields, bone clubs, and maces, but not swords.

Has there really not been any help with this problem in four years? Most disheartening.
I'm having the same problem with the Steam version. I've been very careful to not throw my sword, and to quickload whenever I lose it through it being disarmed by an enemy.
This is a bug. Game think you still have this sword while you just don't. Sometimes it happens. Solution is simple press 2 and when Ragnar takes out a phantom weapon press q to throw it out. Now you can pick your weapon again. Greetings from Rune veteran.