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I have problems getting this to run on OS X using Wineskin, which is a bit unexpected since Unreal GOLD and Unreal Tournament GOTY did run, using OpenGL.

In the game setup, I can't even select an OpenGL renderer, only Direct3D and Software are offered. Direct3D produces a horrible screen flicker, as so many Wineskin wrappers do. Software renderer works, but the performance is sometimes bad, textures are unfiltered, transparency problems, Z-sorting issues etc.

Checking the Rune.log, it says:

Warning: Failed to load 'OpenGLDrv': Can't find file for package 'OpenGLDrv'
Warning: Failed to load 'Class OpenGLDrv.OpenGLRenderDevice': Can't find file for package 'OpenGLDrv'
Warning: Can't find file for package 'OpenGLDrv'
Warning: Can't find file for package 'OpenGLDrv'

So maybe that's why the OpenGL renderer doesn't show up. And indeed, in the System folder, I get these files:

OpenGLDrv.det, OpenGLDrv.est, OpenGLDrv.frt, OpenGLDrv.itt, OpenGLDrv.rut ... but no OpenGLDrv.dll that Unreal and Unreal Tournament had.

So, I grab the OpenGLDrv.dll from but the OpenGL renderer still doesn't show.

I can of course edit the Rune.ini for:


but the game still falls back to Software. Options -> Video shows "VideoDriverClassName" instead of OpenGL, whereas Unreal and UT do show OpenGL.

Any ideas?

Mac OS X.9.3
Wineskin 2.6.0
WS9Wine 1.7.39
CustoMac w/ Gigabyte GTX 760