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Just bought the game and noticed a weird graphical anomaly. All of the NPC characters have their weapons showing through their bodies. For when I'm looking at someone from the front with an Axe on their back, I can see the Axe hanging off their chest. This happens for anything they are holding. It blends through the other side of their body like I have x-ray vision.

Anyone seen this error and/or how to fix? My gfx card is Nvidia GeForce GTX 950.

I found a fix for this. I was getting the same problem on my other desktop PC as well.

1. Go to Options > Video > Change (Video Driver)
2. You will be prompted to restart the game. Click Yes.
3. After restarting, make sure to select the Direct 3D option, then start the game again as normal.

Everything should be fixed, in fact, your graphics output should look better have better performance in general.

The problem is that the game didn't detect the actual video card on my machines and wasn't using its full potential.
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Use the Rune Gold Edition 1.08c2 witch DX10 Video Render (or driver call it how you like).

To download DX10 simply search in google "Rune DX10" and open the first site that will appear ( or PM to me and i will send you link to my cloud (I'm new here and i can't post any links)

I could send you my installer witch i copy from original CD back in a days when the disk was working. But I don't know how's the copyright thing... Still, if you really want you can search true Gold Edition original disk on any auction site.

PS. You can also find a DX11 render but it's still on Beta version. I've tried it and it won't work properly, so I can't recommend that.
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