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I tried this on two Win 10 machines (one 32bit, one 64bit) and I haven't found a solution yet: when the cinematic for chapter 4 kicks in (after I flee Tarantula and Kordsmeier), the video plays _very_ slowly while the music plays at normal speed. However, nothing happens - when I try to skip the cutscene, the screen goes blank, the music continues, and nothing else happens. Killing the process is the only option left.

Anybody else having the same problem? If someone could send me a savegame from right after that cutscene, I'd really appreciate it!
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ok, I may have found a solution - at least one that allowed me to watch the cutscene and save right after it ended. I just tried loading that savegame and it appears to be working.

In the Steam forums, there was talk of an issue with the snow in chapter 4. Using DXDWND allowed me to run the game in windowed mode (with artifacts and flickering around the mouse pointer) and watch the cutscene, then save, quit DXDWND and start the game in fullscreen mode. Loading the savegame worked, so i guess that's that.