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I'm running the game through GOG Galaxy and get terrible performance. Intro and other cutscenes stutter like crazy with 1 frame every 1-2 seconds, while trying to load the game it often crashes or takes several minutes. My system should run it though, DOOM runs on Ultra settings with 60fps for example.

It's unplayable for me in this state, is anyone experiencing the same issues?
Hey, sorry to hear that. Could you give me your computer specs? Also, are you by any chance using DS4?
I'd be grateful if you could send us the crash file to You'll find the .dmp file(s) here: C:\Users\xxx\AppData\Local\Ruiner\Saved\Crashes\[some numbers]. We'll see what we can do :)
@muszdinozaura Thank you for your quick reply. I think it's an issue with my system, I tested some other games now and nothing runs fluid anymore, I guess my harddrive or some other component is dying. Also it seems I'm the only one reporting this, so don't worry :) If I find out what's going on with my system and after that still have issues with Ruiner, I'll mail you all the infos.
Looking forward to it, thank you. Hope you'll be able to play RUINER (and other games) without problems in no time :)