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This game uses the "WSAD" for movement. That's fine on english keyboard, but not for other layouts (On my side it would be "ZSQD" instead).

The game kindly exposes a command mapping page but it's not working as expected.

When trying to map the left movement key to "Q" it's also changing the "move to the right" key, so I end up with both left and right movement mapped to the same key, which kind of defeats the purpose of being able to change the keyboard mapping. I also have the same issue when trying to map the movements to the arrow keys, with the same key assigned to left and right.

Would be nice if that issue could be fixed. Or at least provide a workaround.
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unplayable for me, I refunded

I think there's a patch coming
The latest patch fixes the issue.

There were workaround on the S***m forum posted by the devs, but it seems that as always GoG clients are second class citizens, without anyone answering questions in the forums.