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Hey I extracted the files and added them to the program folder, but nothing is happening. It's not going into windowed mode and runs normally even with the extracted files.

I'm using the GOG version with Vista 64-bit

EDIT: NVM, I finally got it to work after messing around with the settings! :D
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Not sure if I'm doing something wrong, but it's not working for me. Win 8.1. When the hack is applied (files extracted to Triple Thrill Pack folder) and the game is run, a window appears but it remains black and doesn't load. When I take the hack files out the game runs fullscreen normally. What settings should I look to change? Is there anything I can do or does this hack just not work on Win 8.1?
Thanks a lot, Toad. Working fine here!
Anybody found solution for empty screen with only sound playing on Windows XP?
I'm getting same issue here
So I got it working in windowed mode on 8.1 Any way to make it keep playing when I click something outside of the windowed area?
For an option menu which includes resolution, cheats, languages and etc. have a look at this tool:

It runs more stable than the "vanilla" GoG Version.
This is a problem easily solved with the OpenRCT2 Project.

Able to run both RTC1 and RTC2 with a lot of modern features. Runs perfectly!