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Changelog for Patch 1.2.369 / (Windows and Mac) (added 05 June 2017):

Major Changes
- 4 new endless gauntlet dungeons now appear in story mode, these gauntlet dungeons are run with your current character
- A revive potion is now for sale at the supply shop that will automatically revive you from death (carry limit 1)
- After beating the final boss players are now returned to town where they can continue to level up their character, vendors, and run town gauntlets
- Level cap upped to 800
- The UI to abandon the current quest is now more obvious off the home menu as "Return to Town"
- Epic chests can now occur in dungeons
- Default game speed now 150% range now goes from 100% to 200%

Minor Changes
- Player allies now ignore invisible actors for combat
- Increased chance of champions
- First miniboss now has half as much health in the Adira quest
- A new UI is now present on the minimap and full map showing the status of the level awards (kill all enemies, open all treasure, disarm all traps)
- Minimap now goes translucent when in combat mode
- A brief death ceremony is now played when you die that darkens the screen and possibily uses a revive potion
- Completely removed the stack split UI when selling items to vendors, it's just not needed
- Added VSync settings to desktiop video UI and device settings file
- Player now speaks inventory full message when can't pickup item on ground
- Upon death, screen decals (mud splats) are now cleared
- Added particle system to cosmic backdrop
- Socketing items now does inventry floaty text
- Sockets now display a colored glow around the socket when occupied
- Socketed now displays with the item rarity if the item has been socketed with another object
- A dialog bubble message now explains that level boss warping behavior is enabled the first time it happens after player death at a boss
- Pet UI is now exclusively when entering a dungeon and is now larger and contains question marks for pet information
- Stairs up/down are now light by lights based on analogous floor colors to make them stand out more
- Changed portal minimap image to a star and slightly refactored how color selection is done to be more flexible
- Players now start with a revive potion from the first dungeon loot drop
- Revive and health potions are now dropped on the ground if the player needs them on the last level of the blacksmith and ice wizard quests as a hand holding technique to help so that players don't die at that point in the game
- Added new combat quality for ice wizard boss used only in story mode with uses a 15x health multiplier instead of a 30x
- Increased stack size for vendor upgrade resources

Framework and fixes
- Fixed a rare case that would cause save games to not load if you killed Hosperak with the last dagger of a stack
- Optimized to save a ton of memory at runtime
- Fixed possible blocking dialog at last boss battle due to boss death ceremony being active at the same time as some quest dialog triggerd by low boss health
- Fixed barrels spawning in the place the player will arrive in the intro dungeon
- Disable log deletion on app version change
- Increase log file size to 5mb
- Fixed descructibles spawning in blackout areas
- Hallucinations no longer contribute to enemies and actors count properties
- Upgraded to Unity 5.6
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Changelog for update 1.2.371 (added 19th June 2017):

Major Changes:
- Forgestone now adds sockets to items
- Added random dungeon socketing shrines

Minor Changes:
- Guild Wizard boss chests now have a glow effect
- Doors are now colored more obviously on the minimap
- Moved spellbook from a tab to a button positioned around the avatar ui
- Spell rune remove poof is now larger and offset more on devices without a mouse
- Fixed exploit from "On Hit" enchantments on weapons, these enchantments only fire in combat mode now
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Major Changes
- Gamepad support, input mode is auto detected for mouse+keyboard / gamepad
- New "liquid fluid" health UI now in upper right of HUD
- Spells no longer ever need to be equipped to be cast
- Targeting enemies and items now has a new targeting "shaft of light" effect to really make it easy to see what you're targeting, great for both mouse control and gamepad control modes
- Mouse and gamepad focus targeting is now color coded based on the quality of the target to make finding magic items and rare objects stand out easily
- Fabled magic items are now available for all players
- Fire dragon pet now available for all players
- Silence owl pet now available for all players
- Target required spells now use an animated two stage targeting mouse cursor when using mouse/keyboard or the gamepad smart/manual target selection
- Added a "hand" mouse cursor during item drag and drop in inventory
- Removed the hardware cursor, this is too small on Windows and ultra small on 4K+ displays of any platform
- All mouse cursors are now done in software allowing for animation and are now a consistent size on all displays on all platforms
- Added a "Out of Range" and "Blocked" mouse tooltip when hovering a target that you can't actually target a spell at for those reasons
- In story mode, spell upgrades can now only be done at your tower. The character UI no longer has an element to access it at anytime.
- Added a visual indicator of where a slight movement of the gamepad left stick will move the character in combat mode, pushing the stick further will actually execute the move
- The camera can now be zoomed with the gamepad shoulder triggers
- Gamepad right stick manual targeting is now possible while the bottom shortcut ui is up so you can target and select/change spells easily and then press A to cast at the target

Minor Changes
- Vastly increased sight range and camera distance
- Removed the health and XP bars from the top of the HUD
- Blur effect for the background when UIs are open, this can be disabled by reducing the graphics quality setting on the options panel
- The weapon shortcut bar is now automatically hidden when not in combat
- Fixed text rendering having white border artifacts on some Windows machines
- Remove the feedback system, the backing service I used for this is now shut down
- Made a few of the HUD buttons smaller to fit the new more minimal look of the HUD
- New dialog bubble pointer rendering that can better handle bubbles at the edge of the screen
- Removed some of the flashing text for spell points and attributes in the paper doll UI, these were annoying
- Fixed not being able to use a wand via gamepad controls
- Fixed infinite daggers when you did a level transition with dagger quantity of 1
- Close from the options menu via gamepad now acts like "accept" instead of "cancel" for any button
- Moved shop buyback button to other side of UI to make gamepad UI navigation easier
- Hide close button on spellbook UI in gamepad mode
- Tweaked the zoom and scroll settings of the full map ui
- Auto target/select higher quality items over lower ones with gamepad auto/smart selection
- Added audio for shortcut ui show/hide
- Added audio feedback for cell selection during manual targeting
- Decreased footsteps volume
- Fix crash when wireless gamepad goes to sleep and is disconnected while playing
- Fix cell selection graphics rendering on top of cavern walls in some instances
- Better tooltip for experience and level on the character UI
- Tweak the animation ease when moving from town building to building
- Decreased the magic material drop rate
spellbindstudios: Major Changes
- New "liquid fluid" health UI now in upper right of HUD
Don't know why, now I keep dying, I no longer see when I have no life left, despite I have the 5 health potions...
Please make it on top of our head, so I see my remaining life.
Gone my expensive purple potion :(
Post edited November 14, 2020 by ERISS
spellbindstudios: 1.2.389
Any idea when the offline installer will be updated?
I bought this game in the sale last week but am waiting for the update since a lot seems to be changed
renew: Any idea when the offline installer will be updated?
I bought this game in the sale last week but am waiting for the update since a lot seems to be changed
Same here !
Edit : I just send a ticket to support in case they could take a look and do something :)
Post edited November 18, 2020 by Splatsch
renew: Any idea when the offline installer will be updated?
I bought this game in the sale last week but am waiting for the update since a lot seems to be changed
I got an answer from support team, and hopefully this should be solved in the next days :)

Edit : offline installer is now up to date too !
Post edited November 19, 2020 by Splatsch