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spider312: Hi,

I'm trying to play this game with a playstation 3 game controler under Ubuntu 17.04 (with default kernel controler management), and it's really unplayable

The controler is detected as "Controller 0, PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller, will use generic MonoGameJoystick support."

Default settings are horrible (select to jump ...)

But the worst : a big half of the controler is unconfigurable (only L1 and R2 are, L2 and R1 are not, square triangle circle and X are not ...)

Is there anything i can do to be able to, at least, configure those "main" buttons ?

Thanks in advance
Hi spider312,

The SDL2 library included with the game is responsible for controllers support. You can try replacing it with a newer version that might have better support for PS3 gamepad. In case of questions, contact the developer of the Linux build of the game directly using contact information shown on his website: