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Hey, I just got this game yesterday. This is one of the few gog games I have (and I have a bunch) that seems to be a little temperamental during startup. I'm playing Robinson's Requiem and sometimes it won't start up, sometimes it won't start up with sound, other times it starts up just fine. Generally, I can just keep restarting the game until it works right. But I was wondering if there was a way to get it to work properly, first time, everytime. Deus also has some startup issues..again they aren't consistant problems, sometimes I get them sometimes I don't. Has anyone else had this problem. I have other DosBox games both from gog and steam and I've never had this sort of problem before. Thats why I ask.
This game should had come with a big fat warning label:

"Unstable game. We cant guaranteed this game will run appropriately. "