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I feel like I missed some of the lore of Robinson's Requiem, and I'm really confused with some of the parts in the game.
1. I thought that only some of the Robinsons were secretly banished to an isolated planet to prevent the spread of disease, and Tripliev1 was sent to the planet because he "knew too much". Why was Tripliev1's whole class on this one planet? Or are ALL Robinson's banished after their tour of duty?

2. What's the story behind Nina1? I know she's the first and only female Robinson, but why is she telepathic? And why is she the only living Robinson in the game that WASN'T driven insane, held a grudge against Tripliev1, or otherwise in a position where you have to kill her? If anything, she felt like an annoying exposition dumper/"love interest" for Tripliev1.

3. Might have not paid enough attention for this one, but what were the druids? Were they some sort of long-dead predecessor race with ancient technology? Were they actually some sort of surveillance network to keep an eye on the Robinsons to make sure they don't escape the planet? Do they have something to do with the Robinsons that "shapeshifted" into monsters (Like the Werewolf and possibly the Centaurs?)