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The last (?) intro video part, where the player ejects from his ship and the pterodactyl-like creature flies across the screen, hangs up. The jungle-ambient sound continues to play until I press a key, when the game sends you to the "Robinson's Requiem" logo.
It's nothing like a game stopper bug, but I'd still like to see the rest of the intro videos.
The installer didn't say anything about any file integrity errors so I'm assuming it's something else.
I've attached the image where the video hangs up.
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Try to change graphic mode in Menu startGOG.comRobinson's Requiem CollectionRobinson's RequiemGraphic Mode Setup
to sth else - one of those modes should works (I remember that I saw that intro to the end on my friend computer and he was using DDraw mode). If that wont work please send mailto our Technical Support and dont forget to attach dxdiag :)